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There’s an updated version of the SmartHUD out (SmartHUD v3.0), and it does some pretty amusing things. Below you’ll find a sample of some of the effects from 2 of the HUD’s 4 categories (Screen FX and Avatar FX). You can even combine effects from different categories! Awesome, right?

Outsmarted Blog 1

Outsmarted Blog 2

Featured Above:

  • Effects: Smart. smartHUD v3.0

Also Pictured Above:

  • Skin: L.Fauna {Lapine . Dark 1} [Petals]
  • Hair: Clawtooth: Louise Brooks – Softest Black
  • Eyes: ::Umedama Holic::Rebirth eye (african sunset)
  • Shirt: – Twofer.Tank (Sunny.Bluebird)
  • Pants: * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Dark Capris w/ Light Stitching (Currently Available at the Washes Cart Sale)
  • Shoes: :: Kookie :: 50L Lazies/ Night (Past Fifty Linden Fridays Item)
  • Necklace: *Ticky Tacky* Undercover Lover Necklace – Iron
  • Pose (Top Picture): estetca: To The Moon (Dollarbie)
  • Pose (Bottom Picture): estetica: Meme (Dollarbie)

[Pictures in Background Taken on Dork Street from Ana‘s Porch]

Outsmarted Blog 3

As mentioned (and shown) above, smartHUD v3.0 contains 4 effects categories–Emotions, Animations, Screen FX, and Avatar FX.

  • The Emotions category allows you to change your facial expression (some of these expressions also include a full body animation).
  • The Animations category allows you to easily perform preset animations (such as the AFK slouch, shrug, and backflip).
  • The Screen FX category allows you to choose an effect that will be displayed directly upon your screen (this will be visible to only you). This category also allows you to add custom screen effects.
  • The Avatar FX category allows you to choose an effect that will be displayed upon or around your avatar (this will be visible to everyone around you). This category also includes animations with some of the effects. Be sure to wear the smartHUD body effects v3.0 attachment, when attempting to use effects from this category.

❤ Snoodlydoo