Fried Bologna

I’m from Alabama, and where I come from, we make fried bologna sandwiches. Do you have fried bologna sandwiches there?

P.S. I decided to start adding the slurls to all of the places I mention in my post. Just click on the name of the store, as listed with the product. I’m also going to start tagging all the stores I mention in each post. (I’m indecisive, I know.)

Fried Bologna Blog 1

Featured Above (Left to Right):

  • Reek – Savannah 1 Hair – Black
  • Reek – Savannah 2 Hair – Black
  • Reek – Topeka 1 Hair – Natural Black
  • Reek – Topeka 2 Hair – Natural Black

Note: Each part of the Reek Cowboy Hats (the hat itself, the braid on the hat, the straps on the hat, and the beads on the straps) includes 5 different textures to choose from (bead and strap options not shown above). You can also pick up a version of the hat without the hair included, for even more styling options.

Fried Bologna Blog 2

Featured Above (Left to Right):

Fried Bologna Blog 3

Also Pictured Above:
Skin: L.Fauna {Lapine . Dark 1} [Petals]
Eyes: ::Umedama Holic:: Tsuya eye(GSH) (GSH Prize)
Pants: – Low.Rise Jeans (Midnight) (GSH Prize)
Shoes: A-BOMB Chic Wedges (color change)
Pose (Picture 2): estetica: ponpon
Pose (Picture 3): estetica: Tangled Webs

[Sim in Background: Coyote Country Saloon Sim]

Also, don’t forget to pick up the Good Shit Hunt (GSH) items shown above, while you still can (hunt ends July 10th). Starting point: estetica. You can also check the official hunt blog for more details and hints. (

❤ Snoodlebaby


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